Alarming! My Teacher Once Squeezed My B**b-Cossy Orjiakor


Having huge boobs has not always been a blessing for racy actress, Cossy Orjiakor as she had as a young girl been humiliated just because of their sizes.

Orjiakor, who recently claimed her massive bums were worth N1.5 million disclosed that “My teachers then had issues understanding that the size of my breast then were natural. They thought I had become pregnant, which led to the size being bigger than the average girl my age.

“So to confirm their suspicion, one of them (a female) had to squeeze them (her breasts) to see if breast milk will come out, which is just a natural way of testing for pregnancy.

My Backyard Story asked how she felt about experience and the self-acclaimed ‘Queen of Boobs’ said she was so embarrassed then she didn’t know what to do.

“I have not always been too confident about the size of my boobs, you know. Then I was just a teenager so that experience made me shy.”