#Archives: Witchcraft Allegation, My Story-Beverly Osu

Beverly Ada Osu received a barrage of criticism after her alleged sex encounter with Angelo, while she participated as an inmate at the 2013 edition of Big Brother Africa (BBA), the Chase Edition. In this interview with FRANCIS OGBONNA, the video vixen speaks of her experience in the house; life after and her projection. Excerpts…

Why did you go into the house?
Before then, I have been involved in entertainment, done videos and have been involved as a model doing lingerie ads. I was busy amusing myself and others, so I just told myself “how about applying for BBA, hey! That won’t be a bad idea.” So I said very well then, so I applied and got invited.

What was your experience like as a Housemate?
It was very nice and entertaining. I got to meet other Africans. I had never traveled to any African country until BBA. I got to learn about other cultures, how other people behaved. Yeah! It was really nice.
In your words, what would you say the whole BBA thing stands for?
To me I love the whole Idea, if I had a lot of money; I think I will start something like that in Nigeria. Yeah, it is very good. It brings people together and helps them understand themselves, their bad sides. Like I realised my bad sides…

What were your bad sides?
I am too blunt. I didn’t know how to sugar-coat things, so its better I don’t sat it, than sugar-coat it. That really caused me a lot of problem in the house. Like I told Natasha, “I hate you” and told Sally she didn’t have a mind of her own, “you are a very unstable person.” Girls don’t like such confrontations, because they are very egocentric. I think now, I have learnt and I am still learning to tone things down.

You broke a standing record by being the first participant to last 91 days in the house without being nominated for probation, how did that make you feel?
I was really happy. It made me realised that people really loved me, even if I had a very blunt mouth. A lot of people really loved me.

Did you think, you were going to win at any point?
No! I didn’t want to win. I know that sounds very awkward, but I have been saying this since, I didn’t expect to win.

Why didn’t you want to win?
Everyone saw the handwriting on the wall. I saw it too, I am a very spiritual person and had known on Thursday before the finals that I wasn’t going to win. I know God had a better plan for me; he just used BBA as a platform. Just take a look at this; a lot of people were praying for the same thing…so I just had to back out.
How has BBA affected your life?
Good and bad! The good side is that I have had exposure, but the bad is that I need my old life back. I can’t walk on the street with my bathroom slippers anymore. I can’t walk on the street without someone wanting to take a picture with me and even if I have had a terrible day, I still have to fake a smile and I am not good at pretending.

And how long do you think this fame of your will last?
Forever! Because I am a hardworking girl, so it won’t be for a moment.

Now, about the whole Angelo stuff, did the two of you really have sex on set?
No! Angelo said he was keeping himself for his mother.

Keeping himself for his mother?
Yes! He said he had promised her that he wasn’t going to have sex while on set. So that’s why he always took his birth with boxers (underwear) on…

But there was some smooching?
Yes! We did everything people who were in a relationship did.

So there was a relationship, he was your boyfriend?
Yes he was!

So what happened after BBA?
He broke up with me (she laughs). Yes! He broke up with me. He said it in the open air, on Facebook of course.

Did he later give you a reason privately why he dumped you?
No he gave the world instead. He told them he wanted to be single, so that he will have time for his work, but that he still loves me.

How did your parents take the whole “sleeping with Angelo issue”? How did they react to it?
Like every other parent, of course they won’t be happy. But they can’t kill me. I am not the first person and I won’t be the last. I am their only daughter for that matter, so she can’t kill me. Though, she shouted at me.

Let’s talk about your life before BBA, what was it with you and rapper 2shot?
2shots was my past.

So you really had a relationship with him?
Yes we had a relationship.

Did he really abuse you like it was said?
Yes he did!

But his wife said her husband wasn’t abusive?
Let me tell you the truth and I think you should really put this down for the records. 2shots and his wife are just trying to ride on my fame now. I am not a greedy person, so I don’t mind them tapping into it. I, unlike him won’t live in my past glory. I am not an old woman.

What was it like as 2shots’ girlfriend? Was he always abusive?
Initially he wasn’t, he was nice. We had good moments. He was a good guy. Then I was in love, but I didn’t know if he felt the same way.

You sound like you were really in love then? Who left, was it you or him?
I left. No! I literally ran away. My mum warned me, but I was so in love that I didn’t listen, but I later learnt my lesson.

Where did the story about you wanting to be a nun come from?
Oh! That story. I was in the convent for 5 years. I was expelled; it was more like a secondary school.

Why were you expelled?
I don’t even know. They had different accusations. I guess it’s something that follows me about. Everybody loves talking about me. They just said stuff about me. But they really didn’t happen…

Stuff like what?
If I say they said I was a witch would you accept it?

Are you serious?
I am not joking about this. Here is the story; I was more of an entertainer when I was in secondary school. I was the social prefect, so the dance moves I taught were not suitable for a “holy ground”, if you know what I mean? The first play I produced or directed in school was about Lucifer and the Angels and after that people started having bad dreams and stuff, so they said I wasn’t a normal child.

What were you parents reaction to that?
I had been telling my mum that I wanted to leave the school, but my mother didn’t bulge. She said I must stay there and learn morals, you know? Learn how to be a good girl and fear God.

So did you learn any of that?
Yes I did! I am a very good girl.  

Are you in any relationship now?
I am in a relationship with God.

No I mean with any man?
No! I am not.

What are your plans? Beyond modeling and serving as ambassador for brands?
Very soon I will be coming out with my own show which I call “Beverly Says”. I am going to start it soon-probably next year.

On what platform?
It’s going to be on blogs and my website when it is officially launched.

What about on TV?
Not yet! I am still begging, you guys should pray for me; maybe Ebony life will buy it.

Thanks a lot for you time.