Atiku's Attractive Attacks


In the last 48 hours former Vice-President Alhaji Abubakar Atiku may have received the worst bashing of his political life cum career especially on the social media which has been awashed by the declaration of the exit of the Turakin Adamawa from the governing All Progressives Congress (APC).

Most commentators kicked the former Vee Pee in the 'backside' for his "political prostitution" which has clad him in a "Johnny Walker" robe and turned him into "a political orphan" of a kind. Atiku may be "walking alone" at the moment but in due course he may have friends who will also leave the APC for same reason he left. Everyone wants something big and better.

We must not forget that APC was roundly dubbed on take off by critics and the PDP chieftains as a "party of strange bed fellows" so those who cannot be accommodated on same bed will surely seek the exit doors. It shouldn't come as a surprise that many of those condemning Atiku's exit from the party now will soon join or accompany him on this flight without a radar or compass.

Atiku is just moving and the more or faster he moves the more enemies he makes. This has attracted the stones hurled at him for exercising his right to freedom of association and of course "freedom of exit".

But the attacks on Atiku seems unfair to a large extent particularly when we look generally at politicians and their act of defection. Sure his has a tie on his ambition to be President and Commander-in-Chief but, others also defect for various reasons ranging from non recognition by party chieftains, refusal or inability to get key appointments or positions to aligning with a party on ethnic or religious grounds.

Whichever way we chose to look at it, there is no major difference between six and half a dozen....politicians defect from one party to another for selfish interests. They want a party that can accomodate their interests or desires. So why crucify Atiku? Which politician is a saint as far as defection is concern?

At the moment, 95 percent of NASS members defected from one party to another....and their defection continues. In fact, some have moved to as much as three political parties. There are NASS members who had moved from Accord Party to Labour Party then to ANPP and then PDP and finally to APC.

They are still running things and to some extent calling the shots. Most sitting governors are beneficiaries of defections. PMB was formerly with ANPP where he had a shot at the presidency before forming the CPC which aligned with the ACN to give birth to APC which swept away the PDP.

It wasn't a crime that Mr. President went through this political journey to secure the key to Aso Villa.....or was it? Former President Olusegun Obasanjo tore his PDP card openly at the eve of the 2015 election to canvass votes for the then opposition party, APC.

We are talking about a politician who became president on the wings of a party, turning around to work against the same party just because of his cold with the then sitting president who refused to be controlled by him. Is that not an act of selfishness? Today, Obasanjo's dance steps tilt towards a return to the party he contributed in its destruction. Heaven has not fallen.
In a matter of days, the drums will be rolled out in a planned elaborate ceremony in Lagos precisely at the popular Campus Square for APC bigwigs led by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to welcome former Ambassador to Ghana cum former Minister of State, Musiliu Obanikoro to the party. Interestingly, almost all commentators are applauding this development yet condemning Atiku's exit from APC. Truth is defection is in the DNA of most of our politicians.

One advice I will give to Atiku however, is to look into what many now want to describe as his "vaulting ambition. If it is too visible, it could be dangerous.