Be The Girls Real Men Fall For


Every girl can attract a man, but the question is what quality of men do you attract? Those you can’t stand; those you manage or those you want to keep for the rest of your life-the real men?

Here are a few steps to help you develop the requisite traits that will make real men readily fall hard in love for:

·       You must be strong-not necessarily physically, but mentally. Real men want ladies who think not only with their hearts, but with their heads as well. “Think like a man, act like a lady,” Steve Harvey will say.

·       You must be reliable-every man wants a lady who is dependable, one you could trust to come through at all time.

·       Be informed-at least enough to be able to start a decent conversation with him or his guys. Ladies who don’t pay attention to activities or matters their spouses find interesting end up staying alone in the house why he hangs out with the boys.

·       Independence-real guys want ladies who don’t depend on him for everything…You don’t necessarily have to be an employee of a blue chip company or run a multi-million Naira business, just being profitably engaged is enough. This will earn you some level of respect from him.

·       Know your place-you don’t have to rub shoulder with him, at least not publicly…”Stooping to conquer” is still relevant.

·       He wants a girl who is ready to delay gratification. You should be willing to save for tomorrow...

·       You should be a man-manager…one who is able to relate very well will all manner of people…lowly or exalted.

·       Should be charitable, not just to your folks, but his as well as strangers.
·       Should be proactive…supply answers…

·       Be a woman of few words…not a motor-mouth. Nagging still puts off any man.