Black Friday-The Aftermath


Black Friday is a day which in western climes marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season. This sales event which takes place every November is reputed to be the busiest shopping day in the year.

During this festival of some sort, shop owners offer incredible discounts to encourage consumers to buy what ordinarily they wouldn’t have wanted to.

Though alien to Africa, countries within the ‘Black Continent’ have caught the fever. Already, some e-commerce sites in Nigeria have had 4 editions and more of them are beginning to adopt this culture.

However, has the experience always been pleasant for everyone who engaged in the events in this year’s version?

Let’s look at some of the upsides and downsides to the event:

                                                      CHAOS IN BRAZIL

·       Amazon Jeff Bezos’ net worth pushed to $100 billion

·       The 2017 sales event sees record online sales

·       Shops in Nigeria offered unbelievable discount-like Shoprite’s ‘Up to 50%’ promise & some players like Spar putting on sale over 5,000 items… 

·       The National Retail Federation estimated that 164 million customers will shop on Black Friday weekend-good for shop owners.


                                    CHAOS IN BRAZIL

·       Stampede in Cape Town, South Africa

·       In Singapore shoppers slept on street to snap up savings

·       Chaos in Brazil

·       Grown men fight over toy in US….

·       Pandemonium in Finland...