Dayo Amusa’s Many ‘Beefs’ with ‘Journos’


Notable Yoruba actress, singer and producer, Dayo Amusa is aggressive, audacious and given to innovation; a mixture of attributes that over the years have exposed her to numerous scandals.

Whilst she is not one to shy away from trouble, the thespian has however lamented on several occasions the role the media has played the spread of these news, she has often described as mere ‘rumours.’

In a chat with My Backyard Story where we quizzed her on her many scandals this was what the Ogun-born artiste had to say about the press: " You see sometimes, I wonder how these journalists write their headlines. (On the alleged sex pictures leaked on line) It was just location pictures and in those scenes, I was being battered and that was how they came up with that story, but like I have always said, I really don’t care what they publish anymore.

“I have developed a thick skin. Of course initially, during my early years in the industry, when they wrote stuff about me, I used to complain, but now I know what most of them do is just to exaggerate so they can get better stories and be paid or probably get promoted.

“I am not saying they shouldn't write things about me, they should by all means do, but when they do, they should present it the way it is.

“I’ll give you another example; there was one occasion where I was quoted as having said that “No man is bold enough to propose to me”. But that was not exactly how it happened. A journalist had asked me why I wasn’t married yet, and I just said, “maybe it was because some interested men, as a result of my status in the society haven't been bold enough to approach me, and the guy went about town saying I said “Men are not bold enough to approach me”. Do both statements mean the same thing?

She also accused some journalists for lack of professionalism, when she noted “They don’t make proper findings. Do you know how some of them get their stories? They just attend functions and there find maybe a group of people talking about artistes and they tell themselves, “I don get story”. That is not fare!"

Amusa, asides being an entertainer is the proprietress of PayDab Shools which has two locations in Ibadan and Lagos. She won the Best Lead Actress at the 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards and Best Film Award for her 2014 film Unforgivable at the Yoruba Movie Academy Awards.