I Don’t Have to Sell DVDs to Make Profits from My films-Lilian Bach


Contrary to popular notion, beautiful actress and producer Lilian Bola Bach has stated that she has realised that she doesn’t have to convert her films into DVDs or related format to recoup her investments in films.

The “Married to a Witch” star who disclosed this in a chat with My Backyard Story said “There are a lot of other ways you could make your money back. From premiers alone, you could rake in a lot of money and if you add to other channels like on-line platforms, you might not have to make DVDs again.

The Nollywood returnee, who attempted production first about 6 years ago, said she was frustrated out of the scene by pirates who had pirated her first work.

She is currently working on a series for TV-“Baby Mamas & Daddies”. Shooting for this multiple series drama will begin in January.