I Expected Ambode to Fail-Yoruba Actor


A popular Yoruba actor and APC party faithful, has disclosed that he has been pleasantly surprised by the performance of Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode.

The thespian, who said he had been discouraged initially with the choice of Ambode almost three years ago, because of the latter’s lifestyle said he is glad the party picked him as their candidate, afterall.

The Yoruba actor, who spoke to My Backyard Story on the condition of anonymity noted: “I never thought that Ambode could perform because of his lifestyle. I had issues with his choice then because he (Ambode) was too particular about how he looked, loved fun and didn’t look serious.

“Look governing a State like Lagos is serious business. How can you then entrust such a task to a man who before the day is over would have changed his cloths three or four times, not because they have been messed up from his trips, but just because he likes changing cloths?”

The actor however concluded saying, I take back my word. He even deserves a second term.