I’m Not a Thief, Actress Funke Etti Yells


Being on screen has its advantages as well as its downsides. These negative consequences of being famous sometimes come in the form of embarrassing moments in public.

Yoruba actress Funke Etti shares one of such moments with My Backyard Story, which turned out to be a fan’s unique way of appreciating the thespian:

Her words: “Talking about appreciation, there was this day I went to Yaba market and had a unique encounter with one woman who carries supplies (or load) for people, they call them in local parlance “Alabaru”. She sneaked behind me and grabbed me; holding me tightly, she started shouting “Oun niyi”, which means “She’s the one, she’s the one”. 

"I was so scared and so in response started shouting “I am not a thief o, I am not a thief o”, until she calm me down saying she wasn’t calling me a thief but was just appreciating me for the good work I was doing as an actress.”

What a funny story that is. Thanks Princess Etti for sharing.