It’s More Difficult for Actors to Become Famous Now-Shan George


It is more difficult for up-coming acts who seek fame now that it was 20 years ago, so claims of one Nollywood’s finest, Shan George.

George who last night screened privately her new flick-‘Grey Shadows’ attributed this to the recent proliferation of TV stations in the country.

In her words, “When we were starting back then, you had basically NTA channel 10, 5 and 7 and these stations were watched by everyone who wanted to watch TV then. So it was easy for you as an actor to be seen, because everyone watched these stations.

“However, now you have so many stations and add to these terrestrial TV stations the several digital satellite TVs or service providers. So what that means is that if the movie you featured in is not aired on a particular station, nobody gets to see you. This makes it difficult for them to become popular.”

Grey Shadow, Shan George’s latest film after she took time off work to take care of her hailing mom was shot to address the failure of people who emphasize religion over service to human which true religion preaches.

The movie also features other stars, among which are  Kehinde Bankole, who won the revelation of the year award at the 2009 Best of Nollywood Awards and Big Brother Nigeria's Gifty Powers.