Iyabo Ojo Threads Where Stars Dread


Petite Screen diva, Iyabo Alice Ojo, compared to some of her colleagues might not be the most popular actress, but this star that has featured in over 150 flicks appears to have accomplished more than a whole lot of them in life.

With the recent launch of her ‘Abula Spot’ in high brow Lekki she seems to have proven that greatness indeed is not a matter of size, age or even learning. It looks like the enterprising thespian executes while other dream.
Here is why My Backyard Story thinks the beautiful mother of two threads where others dread.

·  The project, comprising a ‘local type’ restaurant, bar & lounge, beauty & massage palour etc, all contained in a two story building is said to worth over N80 million. Whether the sum was sourced from her personal savings or she took a bank loan to execute this, it only points to one thing-the lady has a lion heart, especially when there is no guarantee that such business will thrive in that environment;

·       What more she didn’t have to close her other outlets on the mainland to achieve this;

·       The repertoire of guests for the launch, which consist of first class monarchs, First ladies, celebrities and other top dignitaries and government functionaries goes a long way to show the circle of people she ‘rolls with’;

·    Starting an Amala joint, where the meal is prepared in the old fashion way in a ‘highbrow’ locality like Lekki shows she has got rare guts;

·       Like the proverbial ‘Oliver twist’, the insatiable actress is dreaming of conquering new fields of endeavour i.e. the Oil & Gas industry;

·      To add to that, she already has about 14 of her own productions; and;

·  Come to think of it, she is not 40 yet and unlike most of her contemporaries, who so far have accomplished the little they have through the help of their rich spouses, Iyabo Ojo is still single.
Please give it up for the one and only Iyabo Ojo.