Fugitive Maina Using Aliases to Draw Salaries?


The recent claims, by the Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, and the Accountant General of the Federation, Ahmed Idris, that the ex-pension boss, Abdurasheed Maina had not received any form of emoluments from the Federal Government since he was sacked in February, 2013, unfortunately have drawn the ire of some Nigerians.

Others expressing frustrations following the presentation made by the duo to the Ad Hoc Committee of the House of Representatives to investigate Mr. Maina’s reinstatement, have insisted that no amount of buck passing will exonerate, the FG from complicity in the matter.     

One commentator, Mr. Idris Garba, who watched the presentation live on TV said: “The frantic effort by both the finance Minister and the AG to absolve the FG of any blame stirs up more questions, than provide answers.”

“You can’t tell me that after Maina came back to the country and was reinstated, that he has been working for free all along? My conclusion is that if the claims by both Mrs. Adeosun and Mr. Idris are anything to go by, then he must have been drawing salaries under some aliases,” another added.

Mr. James Adio, a public affairs analyst on his part said “this is actually a concocted plan to move the peoples focus from the FG, who many hold culpable for the act, to the corrupt system which has been in operation beforehand.”

Recall that the duo made this position known on Thursday, while appearing before an Ad Hoc Committee of the House of Representatives to investigate Mr. Maina’s reinstatement.

“From my findings, the last salary Maina received was in February 2013. From March 2013, he was removed from payroll,” said Mr. Idris.

“I made a test run, giving different combinations of his names but found nothing. I don’t know where he has been getting salaries from.”
Affirming this, Mrs. Adeosun said several searches were made in the payroll and nothing was found.

“We do not have his biometric data. I can state that he is not receiving salary from the Federal Government,” she said.
She further said that the Ministry of Finance has no information on the wanted former minister as he was not a staff of the ministry.

Their claims contradict a disclosure made by Mr. Maina’s lawyer a week ago at the same hearing.