Ngozi The Plantain Seller Set To Hit The Fashion Runway

... I don't want to sell Plantain again- Ngozi

A 19-year old Sapele girl recently found in the streets hawking plantain for her mum, Ngozi Arimokwu by a journalist, Emmanuel omene-johnson is set to take the world's fashion runways by style.

But to do that she has to cut her teeth as a model by competing with others aspiring models at the forthcoming Nigeria Next Super Star modeling competition holding on December 15, 2017 at the prestigious Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos. The annual event is being organized by Mrs Joan Okorodudu's ISIS Model agency.

Ngozi who came to Lagos for the first time on invitationo by Joan promised she would never go back to the streets selling plantain again.

In her first media interview with an online TV, FlipTV the 6ft tall skinny teenager said, "I have never been to Lagos before. I was spotted in Sapele selling plantain for my mother. I have been doing that since I was 8.

My desire was to be a footballer or a basketball player but when Mr Emma saw me and said I should follow him to Lagos to be a model I had no better choice than to accept his offer. To me, it was a confirmation of what some other persons have told me, that I could be a model."

The light skinned beauty added, "I have not worn a high heel shoe before. I got to Lagos without the money to buy one too. My parents are not rich. That's the reason I haven't thought of going back to school. But I promise I will do all in me to be a superstar.

"There is too of insult selling plantain in the street. People call you by different names, most especially because I am grown-up and still hawking. Nobody cares for you. They see you as nobody and talk anyhow to you. It's hard doing that, with sometimes not selling as much as you want.

“However, I am a very popular plantain seller in Sapele. A day without selling plantain was like missing the world. I sell 7days of the week, rain or shine. That's was how we feed. No sale no food. So I helped mom to keep the family stay alive. I will forever miss the streets where I have sold almost every foodstuff; yam, vegetable, pepper and so forth. Street hawking is a rugged life, even for a young girl like me."

Ngozi"s mother narrated how she got so confused whether to allow her only daughter go to Lagos with a stranger who called himself a journalist.

"I was not able to sleep that night she told me the story of her meeting the man. I woke up more than four times to go look at her sleeping, begging God to make the man forget about Ngozi if the result would be harmful. It was she that convinced her hard-to-crack father in less than two minutes to let her take the journey. We gave her all the money we have at home, and told her if things didn't work well she should return with the next bus coming to Sapele where I would be waiting with the money to pay for her transport fare. Now all we are doing is praying for her who is my only daughter and last child."

Meanwhile the founder and CEO of ISIS Model, Mrs Okorodudu has vowed to bring out the best in her subject, Ngozi.

Joan made the pledge at her Ikoyi home the first day she saw the gap-toothed teenager.

Joan who could not hold her excitement didn't also mince words saying that there are lots of work to do on Ngozi who looked and sounds timid from being cut off the social circle for a long time.

She said, "Ngozi is going to be great. She just need to learn the ropes fast. She wouldn't go back to the streets again. That's for sure. With all that God gave her, the body and beauty, she is going to be up there soon. It's the reason I am going to spend my money and time on her. She is going to be an asset and a pride to her family and the world.

There are so many of Ngozi out there in the streets doing what they are not supposed to be doing, all in the guise of making ends meet. Poverty and lack of societal support keeps them on the ground,so how helping to bring out the beast in them. We don't need that. We must help discover those among them with talents groom them up to be responsible persons in life. That is the only way they can useful to themselves, their families and make the society peaceful with less crime."