Obsessed Iranian Undergoes 50 Surgeries to Look Like Angelina Jolie (Video)

An obsessed Iranian girl, 19 Sahar Tabar went through 50 awkward surgeries in attempt to look like Nollywood screen goddess, Angelina Jolie, according to Al Arabia online.

Sadly, her efforts did bring her close to looking like ‘Mrs. Smith’, but instead like a fictional character from a movie.  

However, amazingly this feat has amassed a massive online following-323,000, after the teenager shared her appalling journey to looking like her idol.

Once looking like a normal woman, the die-hard fan appears to have gone to town on her nose, cheeks and eyes, while dieting "for months" so dramatically her weight has plummeted to a very unhealthy "40 kilograms", Al Arabiya said.

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