Opinion: Mugabe: One Planet, Two Worlds


I hate coups, knowing what they have done to my beloved country, Nigeria. But I don't know if I do hate the coup that brought John Jerry Rawlings to power, knowing what it did to Ghana.

I know that most coups especially in Africa are sponsored either by the superpowers who are bent on protecting their selfish economic interests and military training bases on the continent or some rich personalities within who use their wealth to determine who leads the country either for economic reasons or ethnic calls and most times too for religious lining. 

Today, the world is divided over the military "intervention" in Zimbabwe to "check the excesses of the enemies and criminals around President Robert Mugabe". That was the excuse given by the military. 

The world which preaches democracy may be indirectly unfair to the people of Zimbabwe by directly being unfair to both Mugabe and the military.

Democracy does not welcome nor embrace coup. But right under our noses those who are crying foul in the Zimbabwean case were the same people who applauded Abdel Fatah El-Sisi in Egypt when he struck about four years ago. Sisi was Army Chief and later Defense Minister. He overthrew the legitimate government of Egyptian people led by Mohammed Morsi under the guise of unrest from the offshoots of the Arab Spring.

That unrest has a coloration of western touch. Sisi brought an interim arrangement...and months later he dumped his army uniform, contested his kangaroo election and of course the rest is history. Today, Sisi dines and wines with the West who enthroned him. But I hope he doesn't end up like Hosni Mubarak....well that's an issue for another day.

The world, in the Egyptian instance, technically and tactically supported a coup. I won't be surprised if the same world is backing the "long overdue" coup in Zimbabwe. Yes, it is long overdue because we all know the running battle between Mugabe and the West or do we simply say the superpowers. But for the "immunity" of a sovereign state, Zimbabwe would have been invaded in a commando-like style and Mugabe swept away just like Muammar Gaddafi was silenced one afternoon under the guise of Arab Spring. That is the mindset of the superpowers who are not happy one bit with the 93- year old President for his reckless and comical attacks on the West and his hardliner's position on global issues.

Today, Mugabe is under pressure if not fire. The will and desire of the West is manifesting in Zimbabwe and against Mugabe. It shouldn't come as a surprise at the end of this drama if the military have its way by cooking up an interim arrangement, an election timetable and a goodbye to Mugabe who was duly elected and should be allowed to see out his present tenure.

However, Mugabe should not cry foul neither should anyone weep for him. Is there anything left for him to see, feel or do in or with power? Being in power as your country's leader since independence running up to 37 years and at the ripe age of 93, there shouldn't be anything exciting nor interesting about power except for the fear that the West will now invade with deceptive policies just to economically "trap and enslave" Zimbabwe like other African countries including Nigeria. With Mugabe out of the way, it is now express passage of the West to Zimbabwe.

Mugabe should have bowed out before that last election. He should have groomed a solid leader to takeover....and enjoy the position of an elder statesman like Nelson Mandela did years before passing on. Now the man who is supposed to be a father is now a feather. A feather used for decorations just as he is under house-arrest decorating his living room by sleeping and decorating the military boys for bringing on the devil's alternative.