Organ Trading, the New Kind of Human Trafficking-NAPTIP ZC


The Lagos Zonal Coordinator of National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking In Person (NAPTIP), Mr. Joseph Famakin has said human organs trading is the latest form of human trafficking practiced by sponsors of the illegal trade.

Mr. Famakin who disclosed this while delivering a speech on the achievement of his agency so far at the maiden Dr. Bolaji Carew Memorial Lecture, which took place Saturday in Lagos, advised that Nigerians should be weary of persons who offer free medical checkup trips abroad, especially India.

Revealing their modus operandi, the NAPTIP ZC, noted "What they do is approach you like concerned persons would and offer unsuspecting individuals an all-expense paid medical trip as some form of charity. Beware because if you accept, you might return to the country with just one kidney".

Organ trading, a situation where healthy parts of the human body is harvested and sold, though illegal in every clime, is becoming a huge business around the globe. Human trafficking promoters have adopted it since it seems to be a faster way of recouping their investment than the traditional trading in persons for illegal labor or sexual exploitation.