Outrage as Ogun Students are sent home for Muslim Programme


Some parents in Ibafo, Obafemi Owode LGA, Ogun State have expressed displeasure over the suspension of academic activities in the public school which serves the town because a Muslim congregation wants to use their ground for its programme.

Students of Community Junior and High School, Ibafo, got to school this morning and were asked to return home, because the Muslim community in the town wants to use the compound for a programme simply referred to as 'Ijtimah'.

One parent who spoke to My backyard Story on the condition of anonymity said "This is a misplacement of priority. Why would anyone or ground send children home for a programme on a weekday, when it is not a public holiday? This doesn't show any atom of seriousness on the part of the school authourities"

Mr. James, a guardian of one of the affected students on his part said, "What precedence or example are they setting for the children. Are they saying that education is not important? Remember that the people who started Boko Haram were at one point told that school was not important and we all know what that resulted in."

‘Ijtimah’ or ‘Ijtema’ is an Islamic congregation organised by Islamic organisations in association with the millions of Muslims.

It is said to be an essential part of the ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ around the world as it plays a significant role on the lives of Muslims, and a huge number of people engage in Ijtema.