#Pigin: Bad! Badder!! Badest!!!: Why Davido Spoil Finish

Dis tory no get any tin to do with the collabo wey Davido A.KA. ‘OBO’ do with Falz the Bahd Guy and Olamide “Badoo” (who side?) Na about how the boy wey sing “Aye” wey be innocenti become bad boy just like that. 

As one man wey don dey work with Davido hin papa tey tey talk am “no be so Davido be before, na household wickedness nah in cause am.”

As him dey yan us dey go, the Baba Olowo (as hin pickin dey call am) worker say “true true Oga Adeleke spoil hin pickin as all the people wey get money dey spoil dem pickin, but OBO no spoil reach like that wey him begin dey drink like fish and come dey join am Igbo.

“Wetin cos am na the wife wey Oga Adeleke marry after OBO mama kpai na hin cos am make the papa and hin pickin get gbege, so tay the man vex pursue him pickin from house.

Na after hin (Oga Adeleke) pursue Davido and hin sisters for house nah in make OBO come get chance join bad gang wey teach am all those bad tins.“
When My Backyard Story ask am (the papa worker) how hin use sabi hin say “Na Davido papa use hin own mouth talk am for the party wey hin arrange fro hin pickin dem after him pursue the woman.

“The tin pain the man so tey, hin look for wetin hin go use beg hin pickin them, hin no see, hin come decide say hin go buy one one house for all of them.

“Oga Adeleke come talk say becos hin no want make another woman come jam hin head with hin pickin them again, hin no go marry lai lai again, say hin go hold hin body from now go.”

No forget say na becos Davido begin dey drink any how nah in make three of hin padi kpai two months ago.