#Pigin: Plenty Ibo Actors No Sabi Speak English-Wale Adebayo

One actor wey no dey fear any bodi, Oga Wale Adebayo, wey act “Sango” don talk say make wey no let them deceive us, say many of the Ibo actors wey dey call themselves “Nollywood” no sabi speak Oyibo at all, say them just dey chop mouth.

Corper Francis, as Super Story pipu dey call am say: “Them just dey lucky say them get illiterate marketers like them sef, wey dey sponsor their film, if not no tin for them at all.”

Oga Wale last last come say, before sef there is no tin like Nollywood, say like one Ogbonge actor, Oga Nobert Young talk am, “wetin we get na “Igbowood, Yorubawood and Hausawood.”