Pre Pregnancy Checklist

Pregnancy comes with a whole lot of demands. Preparing for your new one(s), expectant mother, unlike those who are not pregnant are expected to adopt new routines, some very uncomfortable so as to ensure that their health and that of their unborn baby is guaranteed. Here is a checklist of things and habits she needs to take on:

·       Get moving-besides picking a baby name, painting the nursery and other routine activities parents engage in, while awaiting the birth of their little bundle of joy, one thing that is very important is exercise. The major benefit of this activity is that it makes labour a lot easier. Aim for 30 minutes of moderate exercise. Walking, bicycling and swimming are great ways for expectant mothers to get ready for the d-day.

·       Eat Right & for one-it is important that would-be mothers avoid attending to their unwholesome cravings, and eat balanced. Visit you Gynecologist and you will be armed with the right kind of meal and proportions. However note that you don’t have to eat for two…

·       Take Folic Acid-this is even advisable for those who want to get pregnant. Folic acid helps prevent serious birth defects that can happen before you know you are even pregnant.

·       Get regular checkups-Attend anti-natal classes as this is necessary. When there ask about-tests; vaccines and other things you might need. Please do not be shy or hesitate to disclose to your doctor any thing you notice out of the ordinary.

·       See your dentist also-pregnancy raises your chance of having gum diseases and these diseases may increase you chance of early labour.

·       Cut back on the caffeine-excessive caffeine consumption during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester has been associated with higher incidences of miscarriages and low birth weight. Decaf coffee or warm, spiced milk can be a healthier option.

·       Quit smoking-smoking, like heavy caffeine intake may result in miscarriages, low birth weight, premature birth and increases the risk of the child dying at infancy.

·       Stop drinking-Alcohol intake raises the chance for birth defects and learning problems in a child.

Godspeed and happy delivery…