Public Bus Explodes On Busy Sydney Road

A public bus Monday exploded into flames on an arterial road on the edge of Sydney's CBD causing "extreme" smoke and 2-metre-high flames.

"At approximately 7:30pm, a gas bus operating route 394 from La Perouse to the City caught fire," a NSW Transport spokeswoman said.

Surry Hills resident Phil Dye was working with headphones on when he heard a loud noise and saw smoke in the sky. He went to his balcony, which overlooks Flinders Street and South Dowling Road intersection, to investigate.

"There was smoke pouring out of the bus — all of the doors were open," Mr Dye said.

"As I was watching and starting to take a photo, the bus sort of exploded more at the back and the flames started to leap out."

Mr Dye said he could see clearly into the bus and he could only see a driver on board with no passengers.