Red Flags: Relationship Warning Signals You Shouldn't Ignore


Some married folks complain about things not working the way they had expected in their home. They say this is attributable to the fact that either their partners have changed (or some cases not even willing to try and make some single adjustments).

The truth however, is that people do not turn bad overnight. Folks who end up in bad marriages most times would have saved themselves the unnecessary stress if they had only paid attention to some warning signals.
Here are a few red flags you shouldn’t ignore if you have noticed them in the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with:

1) Don't marry a cruel man....even if it is only to animals. Truth is the reason why people are cruel to animals is because they have sadist tendencies and research over the years have proven that anyone with a sadistic bent is going to vent his urges on any living thing he is able to at least someday. So to avoid someone venting his/her anger on you after your wedding, just stay away now...

2) Don't marry a man that is not subject to authority...whether parental or governmental. People, who don’t care about laws, won’t have issues perpetuating crimes that affect you…

3) Don't marry him if the relationship is complicated-No lady should compete for the love of any man, its either he is with you or he is not. You short-change yourself when as a lady you have to do the chasing, at least not in Nigeria or any part of Africa…

4) Don't marry him if it is infatuation-Any love that requires you suspend commonsense is suspect. If you can’t sleep at night, tossing and turning on your bed because you miss him, that is probably not love, but infatuation. Real love makes you sleep very well, because it keeps your heart in perfect peace…

5) Don't marry him if his proposal comes with a condition-love is unconditional.

6) Don't marry if he/she is lazy-it is not about the quality of job, but him understanding that there is dignity in labour.

7) Don't marry him if he is abusive-This is akin to being cruel…if he can’t practice self control now that he is wooing you, he won’t be able to when you are married.

8) Don't marry him if he doesn’t share your faith- one thing, which ordinarily should have been a blessing, but have been a plague today across the world is religion. Wars with devastating effects have been started across the world just because of difference in beliefs. So it’s a no go areas unless you want a microcosm of the middle-east’s wars in your home.  

9) Don't marry him if he doesn't fear God-Sometimes what keeps a man humble is that fact that he knows one day he would have to answer to his creator on how he lived his life here on earth, including how he treats his spouse. So be careful choose wisely.

10) Don't marry him if he is conceited-The six letter word-sorry, may sound commonplace, but the truth is that it could solve seemingly huge strife. Now a guy who is not humble may continue to have unnecessary strife at home, because he finds it difficult to say sorry, especially when he is not wrong….