Sad! Lady Plans Her Funeral, Picks Coffin Days before Passing


An American portrait photographer, Hayden Palm who passed away recently after a long battle with cancer, is said to have overseen her funeral arrangement a week before her demise.

The Facebook account of the Klamath Falls, Oregon resident, who had only been married for a year, showed that she not only picked the plot where she wanted to be buried, but also chose her coffin.

Palm (Nee Crebbin) had posted this: “Last week, I planned my funeral. Literally! Adam (her husband) and I went to the funeral home and I picked out a coffin, I picked out a funeral package, I answered questions like, “Do you want to be refrigerated or embalmed?” “Do you want a viewing?” “Do you want to be buried or cremated?”, I even went outside to pick out a plot of land that I will eventually be buried at.

“Now most of you will never plan your funeral. For some of you it will be because you had an unexpected death, some of you will just avoid going all together. It seems gruesome, it seems depressing, and it seems unnatural. That’s not exactly wrong. I sat there staring at the various coffins on the wall and as I walked outside past “Here lies dear old dad” and “Our Angel”, I stopped at the little plot of land under the tree.

“I stared at the blank space that will eventually say, “Hayden Palm”. I imagined my loved ones coming to lay flowers on the gravestone that I picked out. I imagined the tears that would fall on the stone, I imagined Adam standing under the shade of the tree telling me about his life, but most of all, I imagined the despair and sickness I would feel if I stared at that plot of land and thought, “this is it”.

“This is it, all that I would end up being after 24 years of life would be a pile of bones under a gravestone near a tree. What a bleak and bitter end. What hopelessness, and how depressing. I too would avoid planning my own funeral if I was just planning on becoming dirt. Instead I have a greater hope that this is far beyond it.

“That plot of land is not my forever home. My home to come is far better than anything I will ever be able to imagine. And because of that i was able to stand there, under the shade of the tree, next to my grave, and thank Jesus.”

Palm, after being diagnosed, started a blog “The Art of Celebrating Cancer” where she shared her daily experiences and struggles with the terminal disease.

Her husband, Adam, grateful for the love they received after she was diagnose, shared this on Hayden’s Facebook wall.   

“Hi everyone, this is Adam, Hayden's husband. I don't have a Facebook, so I'm using Hade's. I want to tell everyone thank you for praying for me and my family. We have felt so loved and cared for by everyone. I've been so thankful that Hade's with Christ and her suffering is over. I miss her so much and look forward to seeing her again. Love you all!”