Very Sad: See How Patients Are Cared for in the "Best State Hospital in Nasarawa"


Dr. K’tso Nghargbu, a Senior Lecturer with Nasarawa University, who had an accident yesterday evening in Lafia, the capital of Nasarawa State shares his experience in the thread below:

9:30 pm: No x-ray personnel till this moment, including the guy on call. Lets pray for Nigeria. Not a good happening my dear folks.

10: 20pm: You won’t believe it. There is no iodine solution to treat my cut. I am vowing to spend the rest of my life seeking the birth of a working Nigeria.

11:42pm: Had an accident this evening in Lafia. This is how I am being cared for on the floor at the so called best Hospital in Nasarawa State. I weep fo Nigeria. You now see why our very best patriots must join politics in order to turn around the fortunes of Nigeria.

5:30am: Till this moment I am yet to be given an xray examination. No medicine has been applied to me apart from two drips aand an anti tetanus injection plus one to reduce pain. Many could die cheaply. Haba..

Dr. Nghargbu was moved out of the hospital early this morning…