Why Is Nigeria So Hated?


When the Liberia civil war broke out and ECOMOG Forces stormed the country to restore peace after so much bloodletting, the warlords particularly Charles Taylor ordered his men to fish/pick out and kill Nigerian soldiers from among the ECOMOG contingent. Nigerian soldiers became the primary target of the warring factions. They were killed and several others maimed. The same Taylor ran here to seek assylum/refuge and we granted him peaceful stay even if for a moment.

Recently, South Africans attacked and killed Nigerians, destroyed their properties and seized their monies in what was labeled "xenophobia". Yet back home in Nigeria, businesses owned by South Africans especially blue chip companies thrived. Nigerians in our kind nature kept patronising these companies even more than those owned by Nigerians. At least MTN kept flying high even as Nigerians were literally chased out of South Africa.

During the Bakassi Peninsula crisis between Nigeria and Cameroun, it would be recalled that while the Nigerian government was exploring peaceful options and diplomatic initiatives to end the crisis, our angry neighbours, Cameroun were already poised for war, attacking Nigerian villages and farmlands killing innocent Nigerians in the process before peace reigned. But on Nigeria's coastal lines and creeks, Cameroonians fishermen were busy doing their business and their women selling fishes and plantains. They were even farming....and Nigerians were their customers, friends and business partners. We lived with them peacefully while the crisis lasted.....and our government "generously" gave out the land in dispute for peace to reign.

When President Donald Trump was sworn in news came that the US will review her immigration laws and x-ray her foreign policy to suit the "America First" campaign slogan/promise of President Trump who claimed that jobs meant for Americans have been hijacked by foreigners. Almost immediately panic wave swept across America with Nigerians rumoured as prime targets to leave.....thank God it didn't happen. But here, we all know the degree of respect accorded to anyone, just anyone having or carrying an American passport. We cannot deny the fact that American government over the years has been influencing our economic and foreign policies.

Now in Libya, reports suggest that 70 percent of those sold into slavery or gruesomely killed are Nigerians. In fact, one of the videos sent to me by a concern Nigerian shows the selection/handpicking of Nigerians among the black Africans for death or slavery. 

These are just few notable examples of the degree of hatred suffered by Nigerians across the world. Only God knows what Nigerians go through in other parts of the globe daily especially when we consider the fact that Nigerians are almost in every country of the world.

So why are we so hated? Or are we not hated? Why is a Nigerian singled out for serious search at major airports across the world and even in other public places? Why are Nigerians killed almost daily across the world without questioning? Why are we so hated? Why? Why?

Well the reasons will differ among individuals....ranging from desperation to make ends meet to involvement in category A crimes against the laws of the environment/states they find themselves....but I think the major reason is WE HATE OURSELVES SO MUCH and the world is helping us with the act of hating or hatred.

If you call your pet a pet and you treat it so, the neighbours will do same to your pet. But if you treat your pet like a piece of shit then be ready to see the carcass of your pet. We hate ourselves so much. We hate ourselves with passion. We fight and kill over religion, we poison and destroy over ethnicity and we share and divide based on class. The poor must remain poor while the rich becomes super rich. Here, a labourer does not deserve his/her wage. Here, you dare not stand against an unproductive system else you are hounded and an ethnic or religious toga is cast on your person and act. Here, it is the North against the South, the politicians versus the electorate, the elites against the masses and terrorists/kidnappers/ritualists against the common/ordinary and defenseless Nigerians

The hatred/animosity we nurse and show to ourselves are relayed to the watching world. In this era of social media everything we do is just at the doorsteps of the global community. So when they treat us the same way we treat ourselves, why must we cry or complain? Are we our brother's keeper? Do we truly love ourselves? Why must a governor empower youths of his state with cutlasses (machetes)? What is he planning to achieve? If a governor duly pays salaries of civil servants, would there be any need to buy or sew Christmas clothes for their children? Where is love when a governor is in London negotiating to buy three buildings while Pythons are dancing in front of the Government House? Where is love when a section of the country is excluded from Federal projects and appointments? Where is the love when someone who was found guilty of embezzling pension fund and relieved of his position is sneaked in and secretly reinstated?