10 most beautiful Christmas trees around the world

Christmas tree is an essential feature in homes during the annual celebration, set aside to mark the birth of our LORD and saviour Jesus Christ.
Even in climes like ours, where much value placed is not placed on the beautiful means of decoration, its importance is not diminished, as several families tend to buy and display at home a make-shift tree made out of plastic, during this period.
Over the year, however, these trees have evolved from being just something tucked in a corner in living rooms to one gigantic structures sited in landmark buildings and major city centres, across the world.  
In Nigeria, the Seen. Ben Bruce-promoted Silverbird Group even launched what it called the longest Christmas three in Nigeria (Africa) in 2015.
Here are a few of the most beautiful ones around the globe:
1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The 279-feet-high floating Christmas tree at Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was surrounded by fireworks during its inauguration on November 29, 2014. But even without the fireworks, it’s an eyecatcher.
2. Rockefeller Plaza, New York, USA
30 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan is the home of US broadcaster NBC, and hosts one of the most recognized Christmas trees in the world. A tree has been placed there each year since 1933, and is usually a Norway Spruce. The 45,000 individual lights are switched on each year at an official ceremony, usually accompanied by a live concert (because nothing says Merry Christmas like Mariah Carey trying to sell a few more copies of her Christmas CD).
3. Trafalgar Square, London, UK
Christmas can be a time for gratitude, and this has led to the Christmas tree in London’s Trafalgar Square. The tree has been an annual gift from the people of Norway since 1947, in thanks for England’s help during WW2. Most trees selected for London are more than 60 years old, meaning that until recent years, the trees were actually growing during the war.
4. Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France
It would seem that the French prefer their Christmas trees to be more traditional, like the four-storey monster placed inside the posh Galeries Lafayette Department Store each year which you can see above. However in 2014, American artist Paul McCarthy was responsible for the massive inflatable “Christmas tree” installation in central Paris, which was criticized for its strong resemblance to a sex toy, and was later destroyed by vandals.
5. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany
There’s a beautiful juxtaposition with the placement of the annual Christmas tree at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. The Christmas tree is a universal symbol of goodwill towards all men (and of course, all women), while the Brandenburg Gate was once the setting for Nazi ceremonies.
6. Lego Christmas Tree, London, UK
Perhaps the ultimate in plastic Christmas trees, this gigantic Lego construction was put up at London’s St Pancras International Station, where the Eurostar leaves for Paris. You might complain about having to take down your Christmas tree and pack away the decorations, but pity the poor people who had to dismantle this thing.
7. Floating Christmas Tree, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
While Brazil might not have a white Christmas, it doesn’t stop them from having perhaps the most amazing Christmas tree of all. Constructed on a barge anchored in the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, the tree boasts more than 3.3 million lights.
8. St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City
Christmas is a holy time for many people, and so it’s fitting that the Pope can look out his window and see this 82 foot beauty, which is a gift from the German state of Bavaria.
9. Monte Ingino, Gubbio, Italy
Why have one tree when several hundred are more impressive? On the slopes of Monte Ingino, just outside of Gubbio in central Italy, individual pine trees are fitted with lights in order to create one massive tree that stretched more than 2000 feet to the top of the mountain. It’s actually switched on remotely by the Pope, using a tablet computer. Ah, technology.
10. National Christmas Tree, Washington DC, USA
White House Christmas Tree, Flickr, Adam Fagen
The President of the United States has many stressful duties to perform, so the official lighting of the National Christmas Tree is probably a welcomed relief. Each President from Franklin D. Roosevelt onwards has officiated at the lighting ceremony.

With help from www.lifehack.org