10 tips to help you keep your man long after the spark is gone (For Women)


A wise person once said that a man goes into marriage not wanting the woman to change (those features that attracted him in the first place); while the woman goes into matrimony hoping he will change (his character).

It has also been said that this attributes which attracts men to ladies are sometimes transient. It is either they change form or are lost to aging and other natural factors.

Now when this happens, some men who are not disciplined, sometimes find that as an excuse to try someone else, which is not the best situation because sooner or later they realise the need to change spouse yet again…which explains why people who have divorced once, tend to do that over and over again.

Here are 10 proven tips to help you keep your man even while your possible replacements lurk around:

1.    Be Patience-men who jump out at the slightest provocation get the nudging they need from their unsuspecting spouses. Ladies must be careful at times like this to avoid ‘nagging’, especially over their husbands short comings and what is lacking in their union;

2.    Try acts of kindness-especially to husbands who based on their judgment are not deserving of such acts of mercy. Nothing unsettles a man like a wife extending compassion and tender concerns;

3.    Develop a forgiven heart-a successful marriage has been described severally as a union between too ‘forgiven’ individuals. Even the most upright man gets tired of being reminded of his mistakes over and again;

4.     Stay humble-even when you have more means or are better opportune than him. Pride and marriage don’t mix;

5.    Avoid throwing jealous feats-especially when they are unfounded…
6.    Be supportive-make readily available your time, finances and other resources for your spouse…men are usually show fidelity to women who are there for them when in need;

7.    Stay loyal-loyalty begets loyalty;

8.    Don’t be rude-a gentle answer turns away wrath the Holy book says;

9.    Abhor selfishness-The marriage shouldn’t be about you and what you want. Sometimes you need to lose some minor battles to win the war;

10.                       Don’t be quick-tempered-only foolish women only anger to have its way in their marriage.