16-year old supermarket worker's son gets N18m-a-year Scholarship


A 16-year-old boy Liverpudlian has been offered an annual scholarship worth N18,316,000 (£38,000) to study at the Eton College.

The College, a private school in Berkshire, near Windsor, UK has royals and dignitaries like Princes William and Harry and former Prime Minister David Cameron as alumni.

Stephen Geddes, the son of a supermarket worker from Liverpool has been offered a scholarship to Eton College, the £38,000-a-year private school which is the most prestigious in the country — and possibly the world.

Geddes, a student from the inner-city Toxteth area of Liverpool who attended King’s Leadership Academy, will join the Windsor-based college in September to study his A Levels in maths, biology, chemistry, and physics.