Actress Laide Bakare wants to be Governor Someday?


Leading Yoruba Actress and prolific film maker, Laide Bakare Oriowo has hinted she plans to go into politics someday to effect change.

The “Uncommon Alhaja” filmmaker, who disclosed this to My Backyard Story, said this was necessary as things were getting worse.

The Simline records CEO however added that it is not an immediate venture she intends to pursue now.

Here are excerpts of the chat:

MBS: If you were not acting, what would you be doing?
Bakare: …By now, I would have been a Governor of a state somewhere, because I am that ambitious.

MBS: does that mean that you are going into politics soon?
For now, no! Maybe in future, because we can’t all just sit, fold our hands and watch things go bad, when we can change them?

Could she become the first female Chief Executive Officer of her birth state, Lagos or one of the 50 states in her adopted country, the United States of America? After all she has just legally acquired a citizenship certificate from God’s own country this year.