Aging with Grace: Abah Folawiyo Reveals a Heart Devoid of Envy keeps her young


Nigeria's doyen of style and fashion, Hajia Zainab ‘Abah’ Folawiyo, in June turned 75 and despite her age still looked radiant.

My Backyard Story caught up with the Septuagenarian a while ago and asked what her beauty secrets were and the ‘Labanella’ fashion house founder, said a good heart that appreciates everyone keeps her young.

Her words: “I don’t have any beauty secrets. I just have a good heart. When I see you putting on something great, I don’t envy you but just go on and sincerely appreciate what you are wearing. That’s all.”

Abah Folawiyo is one of the iconic names that headlined the Nigerian fashion industry back in the ‘70s, spearheading a fashion revolution that embraced the beauty of our local ankara fabric that has, today, become a favourite for all.