Christmas Cruelty: 21-year-old arrested for brutally murdering teenager

A 21-year-old man has been arrested for brutally murdering a teenager, Ismah Hill of Kalksteenfontein,  Cape Town on Christmas Day.
The pretty 19-year-old had been dragged, her head covered in plastic bags, shot dead and her body dumped in a neigbour’s backyard.
On Thursday, Ismah’s family expressed relief at the arrest, as they buried their their daughter according to Muslim rites.
Relatives told the Daily Voice this week they believed the teenager’s ex-boyfriend, who is allegedly an Americans gangster, was behind her murder.
Ismah had been enjoying Christmas festivities with friends when she was dragged away from the party.
Her body was found in a backyard of a neighbour’s property in Hydrangea Street, Kalksteenfontein, in the early hours of Tuesday 26 December.
She had a plastic bag over her head and had been shot.
Her family believes her leg was broken and that she may have been raped.
On Thursday, police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, confirmed a 21-year-old has been arrested on a charge of murder and that he would appear in court next week.
Before news of the arrest broke, Ismah’s sister, Toufeeqah Hill, 21, had warned: “The family is saying if he is not arrested after the janaazah, they are going to kill him."
“Hy dwaal hier rond and even peeped into our property [on Wednesday] night. (He walks around here and even peeped into our property.)"
“He is seen here in the area at night.”
Ismah, who matriculated from Bishop Lavis School of Skills this year, is believed to have ended their relationship a year ago.

 Daily Voice