College Student Didn't Let Child Labour Keep Her From Finishing Her Final Exam, Welcomes Baby Boy

A 19-year-old Kansas City College student, Nayzia Thomas was determined to finish up the fall semester with good grades that she fought through labor pains to finish one of her final exams, YBF reports.
The Johnson County Community College final year stud literally took one of her psych exam in dissociative identity disorder on her hospital bed.
Photos of her doing this appeared online and has since gone viral with everyone who comes across them sending her well wishes and congratulatory messages for pushing through to the finish line, both personally and academically.
“It’s the perfect explanation of my life,” Nayzia captioned the viral post. “Yes i’m about to have a baby, but final SZN ain’t over yet.”
It’s reported Nayzia gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Anthony on December 12th at 1:30pm, weighing in at 6lbs 15oz and he was 21 inches long. The real-life YBFer (whose hair is laid by the way) was able to turn in her completed exam before Anthony made his early arrival. Not only that, chick was grinding hard even before she learned she was pregnant, working three jobs and attending classes at the community college. Get it!
“It was hard to focus, but I had such a motivation to finish before I brought my son into the world, so that he could be my only focus,” Nayzia told the Huffington Post.
All her hard work paid off as she ended the semester with a 3.5 GPA.

After having her baby boy, the young mother suffered a health scare after losing too much blood, but she and baby are doing good now.