Decaying Body found in Pastor’s Prayer Room

A decaying corpse, said to be a woman’s have been allegedly discovered in a South African Pastor’s prayer room.

The Pastor, Lethebo Rabalago A.K.A the ‘Doom Pastor’, who gained notoriety recently for spraying toxic pesticides into believer’s faces, has this railing accusation brought by a church member.

A group was said to have stormed his house following a different accusation, but were shocked when they broke into the room and discovered a decomposed skeleton set by an old couch.

According to close sources it is his ‘prayer room’, that is where he meditates and receives visions and the word of God. So the question is what was he doing with a human corpse.

The Doom Prophet aka Lethebo Rabalago vehemently denied the allegations and suggested that the people who broke into his house planted the skeleton there.

“I might have done some bad things in the eyes of the public but people are trying to pin me as the devil now” he said emotionally.

“These guys broke into my house, they should be arrested not me! They’re the guilty parties. I have done nothing”

The police have opened an investigation into the corpse with both parties throwing accusations at each other for
planting the corpse.