Don’t leave Davido’s Daughter alone with her Mama, Concerned staff warns


A concerned staff of the Adeleke’s has warned that except Davido aka OBO’s baby mama, Sophie Momodu has undergone rehabilitation, she shouldn’t be left alone with their infant daughter, Imade in Atlanta, USA.

The staff says this on the heels of the story making the rounds that both Baby and Mama are presently holidaying abroad.

The concerned staff who spoke to My Backyard Story on the condition of anonymity insisted that not only that she is a danger to the child, but also to herself.  

Sharing his personal encounter with Sophie, he said: “before she and Davido started having issues, whenever we were at the resident where she was housed, the only thing you see her do is abuse drugs of all kind all through the day.

She barely attends to the child and oftentimes exposes her to second hand smoke from the illicit drugs she uses. What is scary about her use of these substances is the frequency at which she uses them daily, so it’s a case of her being addicted to it. Because of this she doesn’t even have time to take care of herself, let alone someone else. And like you know, Davido is always busy and rarely has time to attend to other things apart from his music.”

You would recall that at the peak of the quarrel between the Adelekes and Momodus, the former had accused Sophie of being a junkie, an allegation the latter had denied as false.

It was also said to be the reason why Chief Adedeji Adeleke, the child’s Grandfather decided to severe the tie, even if temporarily between mother and child, because they allegedly have found traces of hard drugs in the blood of the infant.