Ex-lover tears out Man’s testicle with teeth

A UK woman last week tore out with her teeth the testicles of her former boyfriend, after he refused her demand for a threesome.

Ms. Nunzia Del Viscio, 43, of Merchant Crescent, Edinburgh, had claimed she acted in self defence but was found guilty of assault in court.
When the cops got to the flat the incident had happened on Lauriston Terrace in Edinburgh they found Del Viscio with blood on her teeth.
She also had injuries to her eyes and bruising on her face.
Del Viscio said her victim, Marcello Palma, had hit her.
Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard Del Viscio had gone back to Mr Palma's flat with friends after a night out on May 22.
Mr Palma, 44, said after the group went to bed, Del Viscio, who had taken cocaine and a mixture of unknown drugs earlier that night, came into his room naked and demanded a threesome.