Girl Raped by Lebanese man on life Support at Hospital

A Ghanaian house help who had been taken advantage of by her Lebanese employer, Rabih Haddad at his Airport Hills resident in Accra is reportedly on oxygen support at a hospital, ‘the ridge’.
The victim, who only speak Ewe and French languages, before she collapsed had accused the suspect of beating her for making a ‘bad’ cup of copy and then dragged her to his room where he vehemently raped her.  
The 39-year-old accused is expected to reappear before the court on December 19, 2017, after his plea for bail was rejected and remanded into Police custody by an Accra Central District Magistrate Court presided over by Arit Nsemoh.

According to a Ghanaian online Haddad is pleading for bail on the health ground. This bail application will be heard in court Wednesday morning