Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish, the Mugabes Say of Grace’s Fate


Kinsmen of ousted ex-Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe have suggested they are happy, the ill-luck that befell, their daughter-in-law, Grace Mugabe did.

The Mugabe clan also gave people the reason to believe she deserved it, added that this was why they severed ties with her two years before her husband was forced to leave office.

The relatives which includes, the Mugabe, Jenami and Matibiri families accused Grace, of showing off, being disrespectful to elders and of causing disharmony within the family. Grace is alleged to have last visited her family’s Zvimba rural home, two years ago due to the strained relations.

Speaking to Voice of America Studio 7, Mugabe’s uncle, Ben Matibiri, said:
"(Grace usually said) things that are unbecoming of the first family, belittling everyone as she tried to use borrowed powers at every opportunity."

He also compared Grace to Mugabe’s first wife, Sally Mugabe, who he claims was Grace’s opposite and a role model:

"Sally (Mugabe) was more like a daughter to me. She took care of the family unlike the present wife of Mugabe who is talkative and doesn’t know what to say at the appropriate time."

Matibiri’s nephew Clemence, echoed his uncle’s sentiments saying: "She (Grace) was fond of controlling everyone wherever she is (sic) failing to take her role as a daughter-in-law in the family."