How I escaped the ‘SEX FOR ROLES’ syndrome in Nollywood-Ruth Kadiri


Nollywood Actress and scriptwriter, Ruth Kadiri has said the only reason why she was able to escape the ‘sex for role’ syndrome in the thriving industry was because she was simply lucky to have been a gifted scriptwriter.

The dramatist, who has scripted many award winning works, said that made her not to do more than necessary to get the several juicy roles she has had since she joined sector.

Ms. Kadiri, who is not too shy to go racy, was asked by My Backyard Story to share her sex for role encounter, if she has had any and she said: “I guess I have been very lucky not to have suffered that fate. I am a scriptwriter, so that sort of gave me an undue advantage. Because of that I don’t have to stress myself getting roles. So I haven’t been under that kind of pressure.”