I’m Popular, not Rich-Baba Sala

Legendary actor, comedian and musician, Moses Olaiya, commonly known by his stage name, ‘Baba Sala’ has said people should not consider him rich, just because his name is famous.

The octogenarian, who made this assertion in a recent interview, noted “Yes! I am famous and my name open doors, but that is all. If you talk about wealth, then count me out, because I can’t be compared with the very comfortable and rich actors or comedians you have now.

The dramatist, whose career spans over 57 year was rumoured as having died last month, but the story was swiftly rebuffed by son, Boisala Adejumo, who said

“Baba Sala is alive so, please save your condolences. My father is over 80 years old and is frail, due to illnesses associated with old age but he is alive.

“My father is peacefully enjoying his life in Ijesa and he does not have stroke either.” Adejumo advised the public to always desist from quickly reacting to information emanating from the social media, noting that information on the social media could be misleading.