JYDOLL, the Full-sized Sex doll comes to Africa

Luvland, South Africa’s Adult fun store recently became the first industry player in Africa licensed to import and sell the JYDOLL, a variant of the life-sized sex dolls that have the international adult industry excited.
The doll weighs as much as a real woman and is made of a “thermoplastic elastomer material”, which means she feels more “real” than a plastic phallus.
“The sex dolls are moulded on real women. This one weighs about 60kg and has all the orifices: ears, mouth, nose, anus and vagina. It feels real, is portable and can be put into any position,” says Patrick Meyer, operations manager at Luvland.
The 60kg “this one” he refers to is named Tiffany and her come-hither stare was fixed resolutely on a blank space on the ceiling when I tentatively shook her hand.
Tiffany, with her toffee skin and brown hair, came to this country as part of a small bevy of sex dolls whose mission was to test demand in the South African market.

“We were in China in October, where I ordered six of them. They were delivered a few weeks later and now we’ve only got one left. I’ve got another 45 coming in January,” says Meyer.