Love Me Back or get bathed with Acid, Fan tells Star OAP


Celebrity On-Air-Personality (OAP), Omotunde David, popularly known as Lolo 1 of Wazobia fm like most a-list entertainers has had her fair share of stalking by fans who are awestruck by her ‘giftedness’, only in this case it seems like obsession.

The comedienne, who shared one of such experiences with My Backyard Story, said “Theirs is this particular star who calls into my programme, “Oga Madam” on Wazobia. He would call sometimes and say that he loves me and then expect me to extend the same feelings to him. But there is this occasion he was trying to get my attention and felt like I was not given him enough attention, so he threatened me, saying he will bathe me with acid if I don’t return his love.”

The lawyer who dumped a thriving practice to pursue her passion added: “that scared me a lot.”

Prior to joining AIM Group, the parent company for Wazobia, Cool and Nigeria Info radio stations, Omotunde has had a stint with Africa’s largest Radio network, Radio Nigeria 1, where she honed her broadcast skills.