Maid jailed for forcing teenage relative into sex trade

A Dubai court has sentenced a Bangladeshi maid to jail for five years for bringing her 15-year-old relative to Dubai, locking her up in a flat and forcing her into prostitution, gulf news reports.
The woman maid, in cohort with two countrymen, aged 34 and 27, forged papers and travel documents in which they showed the 15-year-old girl’s age as 25 to be able to fly her to Oman from Bangladesh.
They then smuggled her and other girls by car from Oman to Dubai, locked her up in a flat and made her work in the sex trade.
The Bangladeshi male defendants were also jailed for five years each.
On Wednesday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the Bangladeshi trio of sexually exploiting the teenage girl, forging her travel documents and using the forged documents. They were also found guilty of running a brothel in a flat. The Bangladeshi woman was also convicted of working in prostitution.