Man Sues Neighbour for failing to impregnate his wife after 72 attempts

A 29-year old Durban resident, Demetrius Siphomi has sued a neighbour whom he had paid to impregnate his wife after the 72nd attempt.
Siphomi, a German filed a suit against the 34-year old South African native, Frank Malaba for breach of contract.
Siphomi had hired Malaba to impregnate his former beauty queen wife Traute as he was sterile and Traute wanted a baby badly. He thought Malaba would be a good choice as he resembled him and is a father of two.
Siphomi paid Malaba R260,0000 for the job and for three evenings a week for the next six months, Malaba tried desperately a total of 72 times to impregnate Traute.