Obsession! Couples Expelled From Church Camp Ground over Sex Romp


‘Beyond believe’ is the best phrase that captures the environment of one of the famous churches, with headquarters in Lagos (name withheld) a while ago when some couple decided to turn the holy place into a brothel.

According to our source, who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity, the couples (most unmarried) were caught at different times and spots around the camp ground, while the week long programme lasted.

Our source disclosed: “It is so sad that a few of the men involved are even pastors. Of course as soon as they were caught, they were not only expelled from the camp ground, stiff disciplinary actions had been taking against them.”

“It is a sign of the end-time, where the Bible says we will have false pastors (Prophets). Indeed, what we have in the church today even at leadership level is a mixed-multitude. Only God knows those who are really His,” our source added.

Several of these ‘mega-churches’ in Lagos who have their camp sites usually have programmes-monthly and at special holidays, including the yuletide season.

During these events, a few of them host several millions of visitors, some not even adherents of the faith, who are only there to seek some kind of divine intervention.