Sad! Jordin Sparks' Grieving Over Dead Dog

Singer and Actress, Jordin Sparks is grieving of the loss of her dog, who vets had to put down on Saturday, over an undisclosed illness.

The death of the dog-Miles leaves Sparks heartbroken, especially because it (he’s) been her closest buddy since she got him 8 years ago.

The 27-year-old expectant mother shared with her followers on Instagram: “We had to put my favorite boy, Miles, down today. My heart is absolutely broken. He's been a constant companion and source of unconditional love for the past 8 years. He was more than a pet, he was my friend. It sounds crazy but it's true.

"I think of the past 8 years and he's in almost every single memory I can conjure up," she continued. "From triumphs to tears, happiness to heartbreak...he was there. And he always knew if something was up with me. He'd jump up next to me and just lay there and be with me. The sweetest ever."

Sparks then made a plea to fans, "If you can, please pray for my family and for me. The sadness comes in waves and it's overwhelmingly crushing. RIP Miles I love you so much. I can't wait to see you again...I'll have your ball."