Sad Story of the Cute Photo Bomber whose pix went viral

It’s a sad story alright, but fortune sure have a way of smiling on the ‘less privileged’.

Remember the cute little photo bomber, Oluwatobiloba, whose act is being celebrated all over, after a picture he had purposely put himself into went viral?

Well, reports suggest that though he might be cheerful, his fortune could have been a lot better if his mum had not left him.

@yaworanmedia, the photographer who caught the cute little boy on camera located him and had a chat with his father.

According to the father who is an unemployed Electrical Engineer, Oluwaobiloba was abandoned by his mum when he was barely a month old. 

The single father had to employ the services of a nanny to raise the boy.

In spite of these challenges, Tobi as he is fondly called, although has never been to a school, he could still communicate in English.

More pictures below: