The Worth of a Nigerian Life


We hear that the actual cost of a Nigerian in Libya, I mean a living soul, a complete human being breathing with hope of a better tomorrow is $200 (about N80, 000). At least that is what the Cameroonian who allegedly returned to break the news said. The Cameroonian further disclosed that Nigerians are the leaders of the NEW SLAVE TRADE IN AFRICA and they are the best wares/commodities/products of the trade

According to the story making the rounds, Nigerians are heads of the slave trade cartel in Libya....selling their fellow Nigerians...their compatriots for less than N80,000.....That is how much we love ourselves. Interestingly, the Cameroonian claimed that the (victims of the slave trade) Nigerians have continued to mention one Charles as the anchor processing their trip from Nigeria to Libya. It has been alleged that he (Charles) will convince them that they are Europe bound en route Libya free of troubles/hassles. That he has an agent in Libya who will accommodate them for a brief period before processing their documents for onward and "safe" movement (sail) to Europe.

While all Nigerians are praying and hoping that our government gets to the roots of this story/crisis to expose, prosecute and punish within the ambit of the law the perpetrator(s) of this evil against mankind/humanity, let's take a cursory look at the possibility or impossibility of the Nigerian involvement in this conspiracy theory of this dastardly act.

Here we were on March 19 when one Kemi Afolabi a 42 year old mother of three was gruesomely murdered for ritual purposes and her body dismembered by her killer one Taofeek Hassan a.k.a Mokiekie a 61-year old father of 13 who claimed that he received a paltry N4000 yes, four thousand naira for the job from his sponsors who according to the Police are still at large. This ugly incident occurred in Ikogah Zebbe area of Lagos State. The children of the deceased still wonder why the killer of their mother was allegedly released and the case closed. Four thousand naira for a Nigerian to kill his compatriot.

On September 3 Isamaila Adeyemi 46, the killer of Hector Oluwaseun Jobateh winner of Gulder Ultimate Search 2006 said he got a ridiculous N7,000 for killing Jobateh who just returned from the US and trailed from the airport to Oko-Oba in Ogba where he was murdered . The amount was the sum of Jobateh's boxers and phone sold at the famous Computer Village market in Ikeja. Adeyemi said he actually got N5,000 and gave his younger sibling N2000 for errands ran. Seven thousand naira is what a Nigerian soul is worth.

In October the police arrested a ritual killer after a mob attack along Abule Egba-Sango road who confessed to selling human parts. According to him, heads cost N20,000 each, private parts for N15,000 to N20,000 depending on gender and tongue for N10, 000 respectively. In October another ritual killer was chased out of his den, inside a hole underneath the culvert at Ile Zik bus-stop near Ikeja-Along bus-stop.

Sadly, the stories of these ritual killers end once they are arrested by the police. No word is heard by the public they had tormented and left in sorrows over the years, from the police.

With these and several other unknown cases, the conspiracy theory of a Nigerian involvement is likely 100% true. 

However, looking at the impossibility angle, the name Nigeria has become almost synonymous with crime, thanks to the way we treat ourselves backhome hence, it is assumed that any crime committed by a black in any part of the world is traceable to a Nigerian. It is also assumed that in any gathering of four blacks in any part of the world, there must be a Nigerian in their midst. That is the making of our population.

We are seen as hungry and greedy people who are frustrated to the point of desperation hence we can do anything, just anything for money. When leaders can't provide basic and essential needs of life for their citizens such citizens are seen outside their shores as worthless, impoverished, hungry and criminal-minded. Good a thing, our anti-corruption war has exposed our leaders as looters, cheap thieves, heartless criminals and haters of humanity. 

Aren't they? So whatever anyone throws at us or cooks up against Nigeria and Nigerians stand.

Summary, collectively we are a wicked race. We hate ourselves. Our leaders have stripped us naked and exposed us to the world through mindless stealing from our commonwealth and preferring to leave the ordinary Nigeria jobless, homeless and helpless with the aid of religion and ethnic war. Sadly, the ordinary Nigerian foolishly and despicably transfers the aggression on fellow Nigerians who are used for money rituals, kidnapped, robbed or sold to slavery. 

Little wonder the worth of life in my beloved country is between N4000 and N80,000!