Why I Don’t Have a Girlfriend- Actor Roxy Antak


He is tall, dark and handsome (TDH). He’s got a great personality and has plenty of prospects, not just for growth, but to become very successful in his chosen career, a good combination of traits that should make any girl want to have him as a 'boo'.

However, despite all these qualities, the striking Nollywood actor, Edem Roxy Antak has revealed that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Why asked why, Antak, who featured as Tunde, Shan George’s son in her recently privately screened movie “Grey Shadows”, told My Back Yard “It is because I take women seriously.”

The thespian added: “I believe relationships should not be treated lightly and when I eventually get involved with any girl, our relationship should end up in marriage.”

My Backyard Story probed further to see if it had anything to do with his faith, but the soft-spoken star said “No! I believe everyone should be responsible for the decisions they make.”

Though Roxy got into Nollywood a few years ago, he’s enjoyed the privilege of featuring alongside industry greats. His role as Jonny the chef in Nollywood blockbuster, ‘The Women’, where he acted as Kate Henshaw’s lover shot him into limelight.