Why Reality Shows Winners don’t ‘Blow’- Tee-Y Mix


Keen followers of reality TV shows winners in Nigeria have often asked “why is it that most winners of these celebrated shows don’t go on from the house and become successful artistes?”

My Backyard Story posed this question to Temitayo Ibitoye better known as ‘Tee-Y Mix’, who had been involved as a judge on Project fame West Africa, at an event recently and the producer who has handles the works of several A-list artistes in Nigeria and beyond hinted that it is because they don’t have the internal drive to succeed.

Ibitoye said: “The truth is that it is a personal hustle and success is a personal decision. What reality TV just gives you is platform, so what you do with it is totally up to you.”

In 2008, Tee-Y Mix appeared as one of three judges for the reality television music competition show Project Fame West Africa. Tee-Y Mix, along with fellow judges Adé Bantu and Bibie Brew, evaluated thousands of amateur contestants in their ability to sing. Tee-Y Mix won praise as a sympathetic and compassionate judge.