Zuma’s Close Allies scheming to kick him out office

Rumours making the rounds in South Africa suggest that secret meetings are being arranged to ease President Jacob Zuma out of office, as early as January, 2018.
 According to the Sunday Times, sponsors of this plot-which will see them discuss ways to manage Zuma’s exit wants the meet to begin immediately after Christmas.  
Surprisingly, the talks are being driven by close allies of the president who are trying to negotiate a way for Zuma to leave office without him being embarrassed.
With Cyril Ramaphosa having been elected ANC president this week, concerns are growing among people close to Zuma that there will be immediate attempts to recall him.
Tomorrow Anglican Church Archbishop Thabo Makgoba is expected to exert pressure on Ramaphosa to force Zuma out. Church insiders say Makgoba would use his Christmas sermon to call on the national executive committee, backed by the party's MPs, to act "boldly and quickly" to remove Zuma.

Yesterday Zuma gave his enemies ammunition to call for his head as early as the first NEC meeting next month, when he lodged an appeal against a judgment by the High Court in Pretoria that ordered him to establish a commission of inquiry into state capture. The 11-page appeal cites about 20 grounds on which Zuma will argue against rulings that he should personally pay costs and that he must institute the judicial commission, among others.
Zuma's appeal is in defiance of a resolution of the ANC conference that instructed him to set up the inquiry "expeditiously".
Ramaphosa's backers are expected to argue that Zuma's appeal is proof that the two centres of power - with Zuma calling the shots at the Union Buildings and Ramaphosa at Luthuli House - will not work and that Zuma will have to vacate office.